Corwin Office 365 Email Conversion

On April 6th, 2019, we will begin migrating all email accounts to a new email platform hosted by Microsoft’s Office 365.  All of your email accounts will stay the same, but you will access them either through Microsoft Outlook or the website.

The migration will start Saturday April 6th after business hours.  At that time, our current email platform ( will no longer be able to send or receive any email.  You will still be able to log into the old system or use Outlook to view old email or contacts but you will not be able to send or receive email from it.

On Sunday April 7th, if you need to use email, use the webmail site at

On Monday April 8th the process of converting all the data from your old account to your new account will begin.  If you work at a dealership in Fargo, I will be copying the data from each of your computers and setting outlook up for your new accounts if you have it.  If you work at a dealership outside of Fargo, an outside IT company or a dedicated Corwin employee will be doing that part for me.  All of your old email and contacts will show up in your new inbox in a few days.

Over the next week, you will receive a welcome email from Microsoft.  This is your username and password to log in to Office 365.  Please do not change the password until after the conversion is complete.  We will need your password to setup your account.

After you receive the welcome email, please sign in to your new Office 365 account by following the link in the welcome email and navigate to the Outlook App or sign in at  This is the new web version of your email account.  You can also find videos on how to setup your phones and other devices on under resources.

Corwin Winter Parkas

It has been decided since the Columbia Winter Parka we had last year has been discontinued, we are going with the Eddie Bauer Parka.

Retail on it is $250.00,  everyone will be charged $110.00.

Sherry still have four 2xls over here of the discontinued that I can sell for $100.00.

Sherry will start taking orders tomorrow if people want to come over.  We will have samples in a week or two for fitting.  But Sherry can start ordering tomorrow if people know their size.  The sooner the better.

Thank you.

Sherry Vining